Canine Boot Camp Course

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One month intensive training program

Stop problem behaviours

Restructure your relationship with your dog

Meet Will Atherton

Founder of Fenrir Canine Leaders, Will Atherton is a Canine Behaviourist specializing in extreme behavior rehabilitation cases. Will’s true passion is helping dog owners get it right the first time by providing industry-leading products and services to help people achieve this and teach them how to become high-level canine leaders who can raise perfect canine companions. After almost a decade of experience and thousands of cases, Will has developed his Canine Boot Camp course to be easy to use and foolproof.

Here’s what makes up our Canine Boot Camp course:

Introductions to Operant Conditioning, obedience and socialisation. Guidance on exercise and how to establish house rules for your boot camp.

Everything you need to do each day for your boot camp.

Video tutorials for the key obedience drills you will need.

What to do and when to do it.

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Here’s What Our Students Think:

And If All That Wasn’t Enough, If You Sign Up Today You Will Also Receive As A Bonus:

  • the “ideal month”
  • Adjustments for 9-5 workers

ONLY $132.20 with code "BESTBEHAVIOUR"


Here’s More Proof from our students:

“The course offers sensible and highly useful advice. The instructor is very knowledgeable and provides sound, professional tips.”
Rachael Carter
“We are one week into the boot camp and already seeing improvement in our dogs behavior. Thank you so much.”
Perrine Henry
"My puppy went from being a terror, destroying everything from carpet to chewing on our bedroom furniture and having accidents all over the place, then after using the principals for the boot camp course, she has now been well behaved, listens and has become a perfect puppy family member and I feel a more confident puppy owner."
Nahla (Cane Corso)

ONLY $132.20 with code "BESTBEHAVIOUR"


Canine Boot Camp

Raise the Perfect Canine Companion
$ 132
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Fix behavioral problems
  • Taught by renowned Canine Behaviorist

Perfect Puppy Course

Get a breed specific bundle
$ 147
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Downloadable socialisation checklist
  • Taught by renowned Canine Behaviorist

Ultimate Bullmastiff Guide

Get a breed specific bundle
$ 250
  • Perfect Puppy Course
  • A Special Bullmastiff Course
  • Canine Bootcamp Course