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How To Train The Perfect Doberman Puppy And Get It Right the First Time

Principles of Perfect Doberman Puppy Training

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Excellent socialisation.

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Perfect obedience

Calm, Consistent Leadership

Meet Will Atherton

Founder of Fenrir Canine Leaders, Will Atherton is a Canine Behaviourist specializing in extreme behavior rehabilitation cases. Will’s true passion is helping dog owners get it right the first time by providing industry-leading products and services to help people achieve this and teach them how to become high-level canine leaders who can raise perfect canine companions. After almost a decade of experience and thousands of cases, Will has developed his Perfect Puppy course to be easy to use and foolproof.

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Here’s What Makes Up Our Principles of Perfect Doberman Puppy Training Course:

A well socialised dog is one that’s unphased by new and unusual situations or people. Many behavioural problems that owners face with their dogs could have been avoided by providing their dog with proper socialisation. By following proper socialisation you will save a fortune and a massive headache in the future.

There’s nothing worse than a loud, obnoxious dog that won’t stop barking or that jumps up and gets muddy paw prints over every outfit you own. A well-mannered dog will always respect boundaries that you, as the leader, put in place within their lives. They will go to the toilet at an appropriate time and in the right place. They will be happy to be left on their own and won’t destroy your house while you’re away.

Most people think of obedience when someone says training a dog, but it’s just one part of the larger picture. If we can nail the basics like sit, stay, and recall number one and most important, we can look out for our dog’s safety in all situations. Still, we also build our relationship with our dogs and improve communication, leading to a better understanding, more trusting, and ultimately happier relationships.

Your puppy will look to you to understand how to react, and as long as you remain calm and consistent, so will they.