Top Tips for Training your Perfect Puppy!

1. Socialization, socialization, socialization.

Number one on our list and arguably the most important part of training a new puppy is socialization, exposing them to every possible environment and situation as soon as possible and ensuring positive interactions with a wide range of adults, children, dogs and other animals.

2. Understand that obedience is extremely important, but it’s only one aspect of training your puppy.

When we think of training a dog, obedience is usually what comes to mind. However, it is actually only a third of what it takes to have a perfect puppy, with the remainder being manners and socialization. Nailing key commands such as sit, stay and heel will be far more rewarding than any tricks you can teach them.

3. Manners are everything.

If we want to raise Perfect Canine Companions, we need to ensure they have proper manners. That means waiting patiently for their food, not jumping up at us and our guests, and control over their barking.

4. Your goal is to be a calm, consistent leader.

The thing that binds our three pillars of socialisation, obedience and manners, and allows our dogs to have calm, happy lives, is looking to us for leadership. We want them to know that we are in charge and have them look to us to know how to react, or for reassurance in a given situation.

5. Know that it isn’t easy, and it’s okay to get frustrated!

Getting a new puppy is an incredibly exciting experience, but that can soon wear off when they just won’t listen or they’ve chewed your favourite slippers. Know that the frustrations you’ll feel are natural, we all experience them, but through calm consistency you can achieve your perfect canine companion.

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Founder of Fenrir Canine Leaders, Will Atherton is a Canine Behaviourist specializing in extreme behavior rehabilitation cases. Will’s true passion is helping dog owners get it right the first time by providing industry-leading products and services to help people achieve this and teach them how to become high-level canine leaders who can raise perfect canine companions.

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Here at Fenrir we believe in getting it right first time, from the very beginning. That’s why these tips are so important for training your puppy! If you can start off on the right foot you give your dog the greatest chance for success and greatly reduce the risk of poor behaviour leading to being forced to give up your dog.

Our mission at Fenrir is to prevent dogs from ending up in shelters due to poor behaviour. We want to educate as many owners as possible in everything from correct training methodologies to proper breed selection and ensuring they have the right dog for them. That’s why our founder, Will Atherton, created our Perfect Puppy Course. It takes owners through the first year of their puppy’s life, guiding them every step of the way to ensure they can achieve their Perfect Canine Companion.


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Introducing Tom and his bullmastiff, Hugo. They followed our tips and completed our Perfect Puppy Course, now Tom is a confident canine leader and Hugo is a proud perfect canine companion. Here’s what Tom had to say:

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